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"Si Bondye Vle" Youth T-Shirts

"Si Bondye Vle" Youth T-Shirts


"Si Bondye Vle" pronounced /See Bon-jay Vlay/ is an every day, way of Haitian life. It means "if God wants".


Meet Zacharie and Stevie Estime and family who are missionaries doing work in Haiti. Recently when we had a conversation about their mission work, Zacharie said 'It means, If God wants or If God doesn't want. It's up to God".


Haiti is a beautiful land that many love, although the amount of unrest continues to rise. Haitians and missionaries alike live in fear daily. You see, "Si Bondye Vle" hit me in a deep place when Stevie shared this saying with me a few months ago. You may, or may not - literally - see someone again. Si Bondye Vle is said at the end of every conversation, and in faith, taken to heart. 


The profits beyond cost go to Zacharie and Stevie Estimes Family to support their mission work in Haiti. We are thrilled to have partnered with them in prayer and finances. 

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