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"Si Bondye Vle" Adult T-Shirt

"Si Bondye Vle" Adult T-Shirt


"Si Bondye Vle" pronounced /See Bon-jay Vlay/ is an every day, way of Haitian life. It means "if God wants".


Meet Zacharie and Stevie Estime and family who are missionaries doing work in Haiti. Recently when we had a conversation about their mission work, Zacharie said 'It means, If God wants or If God doesn't want. It's up to God".


Haiti is a beautiful land that many love, although the amount of unrest continues to rise. Haitians and missionaries alike live in fear daily. You see, "Si Bondye Vle" hit me in a deep place when Stevie shared this saying with me a few months ago. You may, or may not - literally - see someone again. Si Bondye Vle is said at the end of every conversation, and in faith, taken to heart. 

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